XYZ Hemp's grass.

About us

XYZ Hemp is a top of the line medical CBD company. With innovative products trargeting specific disease states as supplements, XYZ Hemp, along with RSHN, is poised to take CBD to the next level. With two of its officers being not only M.D.'s but well versed in the field of cannabis, a team of scientists and technical experts have joined forces to utilize all that CBD has to offer.

Our Projects

Our focus is on serious medical issues and how to fix them.

CBD Infused Tobacco Free Cigarettes

Enhanced with CBD oil and crafted from organic herbs and teas.

Step Down Cigarettes

Decreasing concentration of organic tobacco to aid in smoking cessation.

Ultimate Sleep Aid

Dissovable melatonin with CBD, along with other calming herbs.

Yip Nip: Golfer's Anxiety Cure

A dissovable formula will calm golfer's nerves and fortify energy.

PTSD and Anxiety Research

Combination of CBD and humulus lupulus (hop) and other herbs.

Radically New CBD Delivery System

Patented technology developed by Dr. Stuart Miller, M.D. for rapid administration using nanotized CBD.

Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Organic CBD with pharmaceutical grade fish oil compounds.

Community Insurance Cooperative

Entity to serve an underserved market, mitigating corporate and personal risks.